Application area.  For the gynecologist’s office.

Optical system.  Apochromatic optics with multilayer antireflex coating. Lenses and prisms are made of optical glass “SCHOTT” (Germany). The converged optical design provides excellent stereoscopic imaging.

Light source.  Super-bright LED that gives a spectrum close to daylight and a high level of illumination of the investigated area. Ensures contrast and clarity of fine details.

Tripod.  Compact, stable, with comfortable bearing levers. Friction handles for soft and quick fixing of the optical head in the desired position. Self-guiding rubberized wheels with braking system.

Additional options that can be ordered.  Digital video system complete with specialized software “MEDVisor EVA”.

Digital video system.  Designed for real-time viewing of a color image of the investigated area on a computer monitor, recording video clips and cole photographs. The transmitted image completely coincides with the image observed through the eyepieces of the colposcope. The image can be broadcast on an additional monitor to the place of examination of the patient. The video system is supplied with specialized software for documenting gynecological examinations “MedVizor-EVA”.

Colposcope “Scaner MK-300” is certified by the European Union for CE marking.

The warranty  is 5 years.

Application area.  For the cabinet of pathology of the cervix.

Optical system.  Apochromatic optics with multilayer antireflex coating. All lenses and prisms are made of high quality glass manufactured by Schott (Germany). Wide-angle eyepieces 12.5X with increased eye relief.

Light source.  A super-bright 10 W LED is located in the optical head of the instrument. The five-lens condenser forms a light spot with an illumination of more than 60,000 Lux. The rotating condenser prism ensures maximum light coaxiality.

Optical head.  Ergonomic magnification switch knobs, fine focus knob, smooth interpupillary distance knob, conveniently located green filter I / O plate, button for taking colposhots. Equipped with special holes for attaching attachments.

Tripod.  Compact, stable. Equipped with pantograph spring arm and self-guiding rubberized wheels with braking system. Axles on needle and support bearings. Friction knobs for locking the levers and optical head in the desired position. Possibility of delivery with attachment to the chair is provided.

Functional.  Fine focusing knob. Adjuster for smooth change of interpupillary distance. Locking lever at the end of the power supply unit for rigid braking of all rotation axes and quick fixation of the optical head against arbitrary displacement.

Design.  Ergonomic, modern, modernized.

Additional options that can be ordered.  Lens with a focus of 300mm. Front head control knobs with angle change function.

Digital video system.  Broadcasting a real image to a computer screen (distance 10-25 m) in a resolution of 960 * 720 pixels / 640-480 pixels. Kolposnimi with a resolution of up to 2 million. pixels. White balance and deep color adjustment. The set includes specialized software “MEDVisor EVA”.

The warranty  is 5 years.

The world’s first professional program for a gynecologist-colposcopist. Developed under the guidance of specialists in the field of gynecology, based on the colposcopic classification adopted in 201 1 in Rio de Janeiro. Designed to optimize, speed up and simplify the work of a diagnostician.

The program structure contains 4 protocols:

  • General reception of a gynecologist;
  • Colposcopy;
  • Vulvoscopy;
  • Vaginoscopy.


Technical capabilities of the program:

  • Automatic creation of a database of patients with images and reports;
  • Automatic selection of a colposcopic conclusion based on the most severe symptom;
  • Automated search for clinical diagnosis according to ICD-1 0 (ICD-1 0);
  • The ability to work for several doctors under your password with personal settings and a database;
  • Automatic search for patients by last name, year of birth, diagnosis or prescribed treatment;
  • Automatic creation and printing of reports with the logo of the clinic, colposimages and all filled-in columns of anamnesis forms, analyzes, colposcopic diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Demonstration to the patient of the accuracy of the diagnosis. Comparison of the obtained images with images from the colposcopic atlas, which is free of charge attached to the program (1 80 classic images sorted by pathology, with explanatory drawings and comments);
  • Demonstration of the dynamics of treatment to the patient: showing colposcopy from early appointments;
  • Creation of your own colposcopic atlas, systematized by diagnoses;
  • Creation of personal libraries of standard diagnoses, conclusions and recommendations in order to speed up the filling of forms;
  • Automatic detection and fixation of the linear dimensions and area of ​​the affected areas on the colposcopy, display of the colposcopic grid and inscriptions;
  • Obtaining statistical reports on the diagnosis and prescribed treatment for any specified period, for any age group;
  • Recording of videos of ongoing therapeutic or surgical procedures;
  • “Secretary” function for creating a temporary patient card and setting the day and time of appointment.

The program is available in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish and Kazakh languages.

The software comes with a
tamper -proof USB dongle .

Computer Requirements

Operating systems:
Windows XP Service Pack 2, 3 (SP2, SP3) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 /
Windows 8 / 8.1;
Processor: 1 GHz (2.0 GHz or more recommended);
Memory RAM: 51 MB or more;
Two free USB 2.0 ports;
CD + DVD drive.