Main characteristics:

  • Radiation range -460 ± 10nm
  • Pulse power density over 1000mW / cm2
  • Monoblock autoclavable turbo light guide Ш 8mm
  • Power consumption 6VA
  • Base unit power supply 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Protection class B
  • Dimensions 100x100x190mm
  • Weight 0.4kg


  • Reusable optical fiber attachment mechanism provides unlimited connections and disconnections
  • The lamp is comfortable, practical and easy to manipulate. Meets all modern requirements for effective polymerization of dental plastics and has high operational reliability
  • The device has no parts to wear, replace or service.

Application area.  Diagnostics, minor surgical interventions in dentistry, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology and other areas of surgery.

Optical system.  Apochromatic optics with multilayer antireflex coating. All lenses and prisms are made of high quality glass manufactured by Schott (Germany). Wide-angle eyepieces 12.5X with increased eye relief.

Light source.  Powerful super-bright light-emitting diode (LED) with a spectrum close to daylight and high illumination level. Low heat dissipation, high safety and reliability. Improves contrast and clarity of fine details. The five-lens condenser produces a light spot of over 60,000 lux with perfect uniformity across the entire field of view. Automatic switching off of illumination when the optical head is moved to the non-working area.

Tripod.  Floor-standing, stable, with self-guiding rubberized wheels with braking system and pantograph bracket on a modern gas spring. The tripod can be equipped with ceiling or wall mountings.

Light filter.  Orange, prevents premature photopolymerization, is easily inserted and removed from the field of view, or green to enhance the contrast of blood vessels.

Video registration and video broadcasting.  Instead of a standard video system, the microscope can be equipped with optical adapters for connecting cameras and video cameras.

Features.  High reliability, ergonomic design, convenience and ease of maintenance, a large number of degrees of freedom.

The warranty  is 5 years

Planmeca Sovereign represents the next step in the development of dental units that offer the greatest possible flexibility in operation and a wider range of special functions in an attractively styled form. For increased flexibility, the plant design includes an intelligent graphical user interface with custom settings and parameters. The installation is also characterized by wireless foot control. The custom arrangement for multiple users has become easier to implement since the movements of the entire unit, chair and spittoon are fully mechanized and computer controlled. The symmetrical design even allows for a mechanized transformation from right-handed to left-handed use.The unit brings new levels of working comfort and fully meets any current or future requirement in modern dentistry.